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  • 14 Day Wear
  • Mirror Finish that lasts the whole 2 weeks.
  • Instantly Dry, so no smudging it as you leave the salon!
  • No Nail Damage


CND’s new power polish has literally taken over the industry since it was launched in May 2010. Shellac is applied just like a polish, is instantly dry and really does come off in minutes!

Shellac acts like a pair of rubber gloves on you nails. It stays flexible yet tough, which makes it suitable for both brittle nails prone to splitting and breaking as well as weak nails that struggle to grow.

Shellac is designed for the natural nail client who simply can’t keep polish on for more than a few days or who ends smudging them even before they leave the salon!

With 30 colours available (including French) there is something for everyone as the possibilities are endless using glitters, layering and special effects.

Shellac removal is quick and easy using a professional technique whilst causing no damage to the natural nail

Below is the official CND Shellac Promotional footage. It gives you all the info you need!

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Shellac Classic Manicure                                          £25

Shellac Deluxe Manicure                                          £35

Shellac Classic Pedicure                                           £30

Shellac Deluxe Pedicure                                          £38




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